**NEW** Volunteer Trip to Ghana November 4-12, 2016

June 22, 2016

Adanu is excited to offer an 8-day trip to the Volta Region of Ghana
November 4 – 12, 2016!

With Adanu, you will gain unique insight into our local NGO and local village life as you work alongside villagers to help them build their project. This is about empowerment, not charity. You will experience the immense heart and hopes of rural communities, as well as local customs and the beautiful sights that have made the Volta Region a destination in its own right.


Adanu has been leading volunteer trips since 2002, successfully hosting over 1500 people from around the world.
At least one Adanu Team Member will be with you 24/7, ensuring excellent accommodation, food, water, transportation, translation and cultural understanding.
The fee of $1400 is inclusive of all housing, food and water, transportation in country, sightseeing and donation to the project.
For more details you can visit Adanu trip information.


Igniting passion and encouraging wise collaboration.
Adanu partners with communities to help their hopes for their future become reality. Building schools, libraries, latrines and more, together we work hard to help children and adults realize a brighter future.
Our team spends months at a village before laying one brick.
Adanu works with chiefs, Elder Councils, teachers and key government officials. Our goal is to understand the needs the village has, then collaboratively create a plan for how they can build the structure using their own materials and labor. Whatever they cannot contribute, other stakeholders – INCLUDING YOU! – donate the remaining materials.


Ignite. Collaborate. Empower.
Join us and make a difference!

Sample 8 Day Itinerary
Contact: Betsy Benoit for more Trip Information.

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Impacting Change – Adanu Collaborates with key government officials

September 30, 2015

Kwame Agbodza, the Member of Parliament of the Adaklu district, has collaborated with Adanu and passed along some encouraging words to the Adanu team earlier this month. He expressed how impressed he was with the Adanu model and the developed relationship with himself and the Adanu team through the first phase of the HAPPI (Hehekpoe Adanu Pilot Project Incentive) project. He said he is 100% behind Adanu and sees the incredible difference we have made with the HAPPI model in such a short amount of time.

Agbodza would love the Ghanaian government to adopt The Adanu Model as they have spend three times the amount of money on other schools without engaging the communities. The President of Ghana will be in the Volta Region in October and MP Agbodza is arranging to have him visit Hehekpoe. A huge thank you to all of our volunteers, donors and staff as this could have not be as successful without you all.

Collaborating for the future of the Volta Region!

Collaborating for the future of the Volta Region!

A letter from Kwame Agbodza, MP of the District of Adaklu


Adanu Team,

I am very grateful to the entire team at Adanu. Your partnership with Adaklu gives meaning to human kindness..You are making real impact on education and transformation in my community.

I can see a brighter community where children have access to education.  Just look how anxious those kids were at Hehekpoe yesterday. They can’t wait to get into those beautiful classrooms and develop their God given talents.

I am totally committed to the partnership with Adanu. God Bless Us All.



Kwame Agbodza ARB,RIBA, AGIA