Press Release: Adanu announces partnership with World Boxing Council

July 22, 2016

WBC’s first ambassador to Ghana seals commitment Adanu and Ando Tsiyinu community

Rodrigo Cobo, WBC ambassador to Ghana, with MP Deafeamekpor and Adanu's Robert Tornu

Rodrigo Cobo, WBC ambassador to Ghana, with MP Deafeamekpor and Adanu’s Robert Tornu

Renton, WA – July 19, 2016:  The local non-profit organization Adanu has broadened its partnerships beyond the USA and Ghana – the World Boxing Council is the largest sanctioning body of professional sports in the world, with 164 member countries.  Rodrigo Cobo was recently appointed WBC Ambassador to Ghana by President Mauricio Sulaimán. Cobo spent a week in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region, volunteering with the Ghanaian-registered non-profit organization Adanu in the rural village Ando Tsiyinu. This farming community came out in force to welcome Cobo and Adanu, with processions, a poetry recital, a school play, drumming and dancing.

Throughout his stay, Cobo was impressed and moved by the community. “These people are ready to embrace a future of opportunity – they just want help getting started,” Cobo commented. With the symbolic gift of a replica WBC championship belt, he sealed WBC’s commitment to help Ando Tsiyinu get that future. Starting immediately with a donation to finish a library, WBC is committing to build a school, health clinic, computer lab, and sports facility in Ando Tsiyinu over the next 5 years.

When a community has a proper school, the government can step forward with trained teachers, desks and chairs, help with electricity, and more. Ando Tsiyinu, and the seven other communities that feed into its school, need the school building to tap these government resources.

To increase visibility and interest in the work of the WBC and Adanu, World Boxing Council and its corporate social responsibility arm, World Boxing Cares, will be sponsoring 4 volunteers a year to work with the Ando Tsiyinu community and Adanu. WBC will also send a World Boxing Champion every year to work in the community and region, visiting at-risk children in communities and hospitals.

Village welcomes WBC

Village welcomes WBC

Mr Sulaimán said, “We are honored by adopting a community in Ghana, home of great champions like the 3 times WBC Champion Azumah Nelson. We are very excited partnering with Adanu, because with their empowerment and collaboration community development approach, we are making true impact in the lives of people in Ghana.”

During the final ceremony, two smaller belts were given to Robert Tornu, Director of Community Coordination, Adanu, and Rockson Deafeamekpor, MP for the South Dayi District. Both celebrated the partnership, and will continue to play key roles to ensure the sustainable development process moves forward.

Tornu is “thrilled Adanu will play a key role in facilitating these projects with WBC, local and national government officials, and importantly, the Chief, Elder Council and community of Ando Tsiyinu. I know WBC’s commitment will change the face and future of the community.”

Happy students jump for joy over new playground

Happy students jump for joy over new playground

MP Deafeamekpor reiterated the government’s commitment to Ando Tsiyinu and pledged his support to ensure projects were seen through to completion.

Excitement throughout the District was evident as the Belt toured key government officials’ offices. The District Chief Executive and District Director of Education were thrilled that WBC chose to adopt Ando Tsiyinu and have pledged their support of WBC and Adanu’s efforts.

About Adanu

Adanu is a Ghanaian and U.S.-based partnership, headquartered in Renton, WA. The non-profit group takes a unique approach to community development, one based on empowerment instead of charity. Adanu (meaning wise collaboration) works alongside rural, underdeveloped Ghanaian communities to create and establish sustainable solutions for education. The group started a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) in 2013 in order to help fundraise and coordinate volunteer trips from the U.S. to build schools and work side-by-side with Ghanaian communities. Adanu in Ghana was started in 1997 by Richard Yinkah.