One Person’s Dream Builds a Library

November 10, 2015

One Person Dream

Building a library in Ghana sounds quixotic and immensely difficult for one person to accomplish. Don’t tell that to Joanne Provo!

Joanne has volunteered with Adanu to support the Kuigba village before, but this year she set her sights on building a library for the village.

Collaborating with Adanu, Joanne laid out her path to success. Her strength and desire led to successful fundraising, allowing the project to get started with the villagers doing almost all the work themselves—true to Adanu’s model. Joanne and four volunteers brought 700 pounds of books to Kuigba in June, and Joanne went the extra mile to stock the shelves of the new library with Ghanaian books. When Joanne joined the community to inaugurate the library on September 25, the children found everything they could wish for: tables, chairs, ceiling fans, lights, and of course, shelves filled with books!

Thank you, Joanne, for showing us what one person with a dream can accomplish!

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